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Veterans Need Your Help.

Vittles for Vets is a 501c3 organization serving veterans and their families in over a dozen counties in Southwest Virginia. We are a small group of volunteers led by Bill McCann, founder of Vittles for Vets. Over 95% of all donations we receive go directly to our grocery card program. 


Each week, Vittles for Vets sends a $50 grocery card to each veteran who qualifies for our program through a participating veteran’s service agency. The cards are used on healthy food choices and prohibit the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, or junk food items. 


Since March of 2020, we have more than doubled our list of qualified veterans in need while also losing the opportunity to organize large fundraising events due to COVID 19. 


As a result, we now have more than 100 veterans in our program and have had to cut our grocery gift cards to just $25 a week.

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Learn how other veterans have benefitted from the Vittles for Vets program here.

By Check

Stop by at any of our events to donate in person or mail your check payable to:

Vittles for Vets.

7757 Walker Farms Drive

Radford, Va. 24141

Over the Phone

Call today and let's see how you or your business can support our Veterans


By Email

It's easy to do, so how can you help support our veterans? 

Email us to help today!

Our volunteers


We are a non-profit  501 - 3(c) program that provides weekly food gift cards to veterans in need. This is a hand - up program for those men and women who have served our country and now are in need of some assistance.

We are accepting volunteers to help our program grow.

Please, fill out the form below

and let us know how you would like to help and what county you live in.


Thanks for contacting Vittles for Vets. We will be in touch with you soon to follow up.

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