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December 1, 2022

Commandant Maj. General Randal D. Fullhart

Virginia Tech-Corps of Cadets


Dear General Fullhart,

It gives me great pride to inform you of an act of extreme kindness and empathy expressed by members of the cadets in the form of a fundraising event held, on campus, with the objective of providing a Christmas Holiday Turkey for every “at risk and often overlooked” veteran enrolled in the Vittles for Vets food assistance program.

Spearheaded by cadet Samuel Swift, “OSCAR” Co, 4th Battalion, with the assistance of several of his mates, after obtaining all required permits, set up on campus soliciting donations to accomplish the mission. Cadet Swift set the goal at a “lofty” $4000.00 which, over a two-day collection period, exceeded the goal raising $4110.83. This money will provide gift cards, from local supermarkets, in the amount of $30.00 for the purchase of a Christmas turkey or ham, to over 130 local veterans experiencing food insecurity.

Having witnessed their sales strategy, determination and success I must say the young warriors made me proud.

Thank you for turning out such fine young men and woman. My hope is to continue this newfound relationship, assisting the less fortunate, well into the future.


Vittles for Vets

Bill McCann-founder/president

U.S Army- 4th Inf. Div. 1965-1967

Eastern Devided.jpg

Eastern Divide Brewing Co. held a VETERANS DAY fundraiser for Vittles for Vets on November 29, 2022, providing for our less fortunate veterans, raised $2000.00, enabling us to continue our mission of providing nutritious food choices to our at-risk veterans.

This is their second year holding this event honoring our veterans.  Eastern Divide also invited us to install a “Vittles Littles Christmas Angel Tree” to raise funds to provide a memorable and happy Christmas to the young ones of the veterans enrolled in our Vittles program through the gifts of toys, clothing and a festive old fashion Christmas meal.

A special thank you to Samantha Sol for offering the ongoing support of Eastern Divide, it is so very much appreciated and a wonderful way to give back to those in need in our community.

Thank You Tag

On behalf of Vittles for Vets, Bill and the many veterans we serve, a heartfelt THANK YOU to Compassion Church - Radford for your most generous gift. Your donation is a Godsend for our program as we continue our mission of caring for our at-risk veteran community. You certainly “live up” to the name chosen for your church.

Compassion Church.jpg

Vittles for Vets held a motorcycle fund raising event on Saturday, October 8, 2022, raising funds for the underprivileged children of our impoverished veterans enrolled in the Vittles program.  Although the day was sunny it was a bit chilly.  Alas the cold weather did not deter these wonderful bikers from coming out in support of our veteran’s children raising $1250.00 to insure them an unforgettable Christmas.

A large debt of gratitude is due Alex Barker for putting this great event together.  A great job from a man who has done much for our veterans over the past few years.  We must also thank “Mission BBQ in Christiansburg for donating the delicious meal for the cause. A BIG thank you to Pastor Donald Jones who has been so very gracious in allowing our event to take place on church grounds three years running.  A wonderful show of support for our cause and the community. The Wytheville Moose Riders, who could not attend the event, stopped by just to donate to our veterans.  Another reason why we LOVE bikers.


Behind the scene Alex received much help from Caroline and Rick Burke, “Last Days Warriors” MC which was invaluable in making this event as successful as it was.


In closing, to all who attended, supported and continue to pray for the success of this small charity, THANK YOU.  Without your help we would certainly cease to exist.

Be well and God bless.

Bill McCann

President/founder Vittles for Vets


Alex Bike Run #2.jpg
Alex Bike Run #6.jpg
Alex Bike Run #5.jpg
Alex Bike Run #4.jpg
Bike RUn #7.jpg
Chanel 10 News story

2019 American Red Cross  Military Hero Award

Our 2019 Red Cross Military Hero is a Vietnam veteran now helping other vets with one of life's basics:food.

You could say Bill McCann is surrounded by veterans. When he is at home he helps his 95 year old father-in-law who fought in World War !!, pass time with a puzzle.

But when McCann's out and about he's most likely volunteering with his non profit VITTLES FOR VETS.

"What we do is we issue $50.00 food gift cards to veterans who qualify for the program and to qualify you must be other than dishonorably

discharged, you must be alcohol - and drug-free, and you must be living at or below federal guidelines for poverty," Mccann, the RED CROSS MILITARY HERO AWARD honoree, said. 

Giving out these gift cards to veterans stemmed from a conversation with a homeless vet back in 2014. "I took him to lunch in the cafeteria at the VA, gave him a $50.00 gift card to a supermarket and this big guy grabbed my hand and started crying and that was the very second that VITTLES FOR VETS was born," McCann said. Vittles hands out weekly grocery gift cards to those in the program. McCann does keep an eye on what is bought. The veteran is required to mail back the grocery receipt back to ensure the card isn't used for alchohol, tobacco or junk foods. Besides meeting physical needs, McCann says the family of a veteran who died told him the program was so much more. "when I went to the wake and the funeral, his brother and sister came up to me at separate times and told me that Roger was in a deep state of depression and once he was accepted into the VITTLES FOR VETS program, emotionally he started to get better. He was just happy to be part of it and I never realized the emotional value Vittles has as well as the nutritional value."

Just like a puzzle, funding the non-profit takes patience and putting the pieces together one at a time. McCann hopes to grow this year to give 70 veterans gift cards on a weekly basis.

"These people should not be going hungry. We are the greatest country in the world, the richest country in the world, and we have starving veterans and children. I'm sorry, I figured on a grassroots basis I would try to do something"

April 8, 2020

Chanel 10 WSLS News did a story on the Vittles for Vets Program. Please check the story by clicking the photo below.

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